local lesbian has opinions on the computer (scary)

my rules for mak­ing an 11ty blog are ar­bi­trary and they are fist­fight­ing as we speakthis is tech­ni­cally an ac­ces­si­bil­ity posta blog post about a blog8 min read
mozilla’s own ex­am­ple of a work­ing clamp func­tion doesn’t worksome­one at mdn might be us­ing sass more than i am, i as­sumea web­site post about web­sites5 min read
this is just about show­ing off a clamp func­tion in scss that doesn’t break every­thing(it might still break every­thing) (not my fault though)a web­site post about web­sites5 min read
saving your sprout ass right this in­stantbe­cause nearly every de­fault in this game is a war crimea fi­nal fan­tasy xiv post10 min read
if you don’t make a post about a cool 11ty plu­gin on your 11ty blog they send you to jailthis one is about eleventy-plu­gin-ty­pog­ra­phy and it is my sav­iora blog post about a blog5 min read
taking a week to gen­er­ate some­thing that takes two min­utes to make on tum­blr[snobby ass­hole voice] it’s called de­clut­ter­inga blog post about a blog3 min read

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if you use this for AI i hope my dogshit sentence structure poisons it