local lesbian has opinions on the computer (scary)

how to re­pair your luks/​btrfs setup when you ac­ci­den­tally broke the grub boot­loaderi also com­plain about lenovo, but only af­ter i ex­plain what to doa tech­no­log­i­cal post7 min read
accessibility is not when dark souls has an easy modealt ti­tle: nin­tendo poi­soned ac­ces­si­bil­ity dis­coursea livin’ post13 min read
the first time i ever made a web­site with css, i got a fail­ing grade for itthis post about the ever-chang­ing web con­tains no ta­bles, 0/20a web­site post about web­sites9 min read
making my own cof­fee as a form of gta money glitchyou think it’s ex­pen­sive, un­til it isn’ta livin’ post4 min read
it turns out you can­not repli­cate the hu­man spirit by sort­ing im­ages a tril­lion timeshas any­one said ar­ti­fi­cial isn’tel­li­gence yeta tech­no­log­i­cal post7 min read
using an 8 year old lap­top out of spite to a newer, worse onealt ti­tle: learned bash be­cause i hate acer so fuck­ing mucha tech­no­log­i­cal post9 min read
so it turns out no­body has needed to use div tags for like six years nowi can’t put the tags in my de­scrip­tions with­out 11ty get­ting mad so this is click­bait nowa web­site post about web­sites4 min read
browserslists are best used to start dis­coursefuck-chrome -moz-fuck-chrome -webkit-censored-chrome -webkit-fuck-chromea web­site post about web­sites5 min read
this post con­tains a list of things i want to do with this blogthe css demons will not leave me un­til i doa blog post about a blog10 min read
setting up mark­down-it-foot­note to be like 10% more ac­ces­si­blemy ha­tred of 11ty short­codes in mark­down is go­ing to kill me, dudea web­site post about web­sites7 min read

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if you use this for AI i hope my dogshit sentence structure poisons it